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Friday, March 10, 2006 

What are you doing this weekend??

The weekend is upon us and I would like to accomplish two things with this post. First I would like to know who is reading this blog. I have a lot more hits on this counter then I thought I would. So do me a favor. If you read this blog then comment and tell me who you are or if you are one of those private people then just how you came to read this blog and then what are you doing this weekend.

We don't have any big plans this weekend by I am looking forward to some downtime with my wife! Tonight is usually our date night so we might do dinner and a movie but we actually have no solid plans which is kinda nice since we almost always have some kind of set schedule. We are counting the days to the Tulsa Mission Workshop. We have heard so many good things about the workshop are we are looking forward to the time of reconnecting with a bunch of our ministry friends.

In His Love,
Michael Potthoff

This is the first time i have ever been on your blog. I hope you feel blessed. lol. Anyway, I found it through a comment you left on a onlines friend's blog. I like your blog BTW.

Now to the weekend! It just so happens that this is probably the most important weekend of my life. At 4:00pm tommorrow, I'll be a married man. It's kinda weird to think about actually. I'm also kinda nervous. Anyway, this weekend will be very busy.

Sorry i kinda took over your blog there for a min and made my own post. I apologize. :) I'll try to keep in touch. be sure to check out my blog if you wanna kinda see who i am.

A Brother in Christ,

Hey Mike,

I am going to run the sound in a wedding for a friend of minse from Harding. The wedding is tomorrow and afterwards April and I are going to Memphis to spend some time together. Hope you have a good weekend


Comment. Blessings. End of comment. :) Ya happy now? :)

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