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Monday, February 20, 2006 

A Spiritual Legacy

This past Thursday morning I got a call from my family telling about me about my Aunt Hazel passing away.(She is really my great Aunt but I was close to her so I always called her Aunt Hazel.)I felt a mix of emotions ranging from sadness to peace. Sadness because Hazel was always a great example to me and peace because she was in a lot of pain. Her body was worn out and it was time for her to leave this Earth. Peace because she lived her life with great dedication to the Lord. Peace because I have no doubt that she is now with the Lord. Hazel was not a success as far as the world is concerned. She never made a lot of money, never drove a fancy car, and never lived in a huge house. As far as the Lord is concerned I imagine that she has many great treasures stored in heaven. I can't wait to see her mansion in the Lord's kingdom one day. Hazel lived for the Lord every single day and she displayed the fruits of her faith. She always looked for ways to serve and no one would mistake her first love which was Jesus Christ or her second love for that matter, her family. She always encouraged me when I got the chance to spend some time with her. Even as her life was coming to the end should would give me a big smile when I visited and say, " Michael, I love you and pray for you every day!" This meant so much to me because I knew that it was true. She always kept up with me and lifted my name up to the Lord. My family asked me to take part in the memorial service by speaking about Hazel and I gladly accepted. To speak about Hazel was an honor and a humbling experience. Yet I did so not with sorrow but with great joy. Joy because she honored the Lord and now I had the chance to honor her. Hazel left for our family a great example. A legacy not of great worldly accomplishments but of spirtual accomplishments. I will do my best to continue this legacy. I will do my best to serve the Lord first and my family second. To serve the Lord with great Joy. Thank you Hazel for the life you lived! You pointed us all to Jesus with your life. We are eternally grateful.

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