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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

What God wants...

I believe that Christians at times become blinded by religion. We get caught up in everyday church stuff. Not that church stuff is bad , I mean after all I am a minister, but we must have a heart for all people. We cannot afford to always be looking inward because if we are not careful we develop a tunnel-vision of sorts that blocks out the people that we really need to be focused on. Last week I had a convicting experience. One of the things that I enjoy about living here is that I live in a area where people are not too concerned about what kind of car your drive or clothes you wear. It is refreshing to me. Last week we had middle-aged couple come to the church in the morning. I could tell they were some what embarrassed to be here. They needed help with food and clothing. They were struggling like so many at least in part because of the hurricane. The lady with tears in her eyes said we really just need some help. I was so glad to say anyway that this church can help you we will. I helped them with some food and filled their car with gas. As were gathering some food from our church pantry the woman kept repeating I am soo sorry. Finally I had to stop. I told her that she had no need to be sorry. I explained that many in this church struggled to put food on the table ( which is true, my guess is that 1/3 of our members are at our below poverty level.)and that we were thrilled to be able to help them. Without hesitation she asked why? I told her because we tried our best to be people that show Jesus to others. We don't always do it like we should but we try to honor God by helping out. She burst out in tears and her husband just kept looking uncomfortable and uncertain about what he should do. We stopped and sat in our fellowship hall and talked for about 45 mins. They explained there struggles and I just listened. Finally the woman asked , "Can you talk to God for us about all of this?" I smiled and said we can all talk to Him together. We spent about 15 mins in prayer together. Both thanked me and said they would maybe come to worship with us sometimes. I told them they were welcome and wanted. It made me feel so good to be with them. It convicted me also that we are not doing enough to reach out to the poor in our area. We are really good at taking care of each other in our church family. When we have a member in great need their needs are always meet. This past Sunday our in the elders meeting I brought the topic and the elders agreed that we need to do some more to reach out to the poor in our community. I am excited about this. We are looking into becoming a part of Angel food ministries which helps provide food to families. We want to do this in addition to our normal food pantry. Pray about this. I am excited about digging deeper and doing more to show all people the love of Jesus Christ.

Matt 25:34-40

34 "Then the King will say to those on his right, 'Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Who are the least of these? I think as we answer that question will we be able to understand how we can show Jesus to more people. We need to make sure that we reach out to all people everywhere. I want to make this church a place where people know they can go for help. We there know they can belong no matter how there life is going.

Pray for me! I want to be a real man of God in action. Not because I am a preacher but because I love Jesus with all my heart! I don't ever want to get caught in religion! I want to be focused on Jesus and all that he desires of my life.

It was so good to get the email with your Blog. I am excited to see the work that you and Ruth are doing for the Lord. Your love for God and passion to do His work has always been an encouragement to me. I'm praying for you and the work that you are doing in Louisana.

I've got alot of e-mail and i do not know what to do with it. Can you help me?

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