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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Guaranteed to make you laugh!

My posts at this point have primarily been serious. For those of you that really know me probably are wondering who is really writing this blog ??? Mike is one of the biggest goofballs that we know and what is with all of this serious stuff! So that leads me to my post for the day. Three videos that you must watch! Three videos that will cause you to laugh or at the very minimum bring you some sort of entertainment.

Disclaimer: A preacher should never have to do this but I promise you that all of these videos are more then safe to watch and have nothing inappropriate . Also they will download faster if you right click and save as. Save them on your desktop in you are one of those that can never seem to find where the computer puts your files! Also you have to have your sound on to fully appreciate these!

  1. The Trunk Monkey #1 
  2. The Trunk Monkey #2
  3. How we fish in Louisiana!
Ok they had to make you laugh or at least smile! I am hoping to bring some more people to the blog so share the link to this blog with others. Or if you are really nice include a link to this blog on your blog! I will be happy to do the same!

I don't have quicktime so I missed out on the first two, but yeah I've seen the whole Kamakazee fish video before and it is pretty funny. Though, even by cajun standards I am not sure that those guys were speaking Enlgish. ;)

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