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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Thoughts on Life

This is my first offical post on my brand new blog. Today as I thought about why I was starting this blog all I could come up with is everybody fasination with a young preacher. I simply want to share my life with anyone that cares to read about it. So today I share with you my main motivation for becoming and being a preacher. So many people use their talents everyday to bring wealth to their family and themselves. Don't get me wrong, their is really nothing wrong with that. It is just that to me in the end the thing that matters most for my life is Jesus Christ. I want to do something that allows me to spend time with God. That allows me to spend time with people. That allows me to focus on the one thing that I will try my very best to hold as a priority in my life. That it what ministry is for me. It is a privilage. Something that I do not take for granted. My task is to be someone that is close to the Lord. Someone that knows the word of God inside and out. Someone that has a desire to have real realtionships with people so when those tough times come they know that they can come to me because I really care. Everyday in ministry provides a new challenge, perhaps a new opportunity, sometimes it is something you look forward to and sometimes it is something that you wish never happened. So to kick off this blog, I say that to be a young minister preaching the gospel for me is a dream come true. It is not something that is easy and yet it is something that I love so much. When I preach I look out at the audience and think to myself, "These people have come to hear the Word of God preached today, and they expect me to do it." That is a huge responsibility for me! I do not take it lightly. This life is a short one. It contains great joy and deep sorrows. It can be gone in the blink of an eye. I chose to live this life doing the thing that I love. This beautiful challenge called ministry. My prayer is that I do it well. My prayer is that I serve till it hurts. My prayer is that my life will speak of God's love to the hearts of people everywhere. I love this gift of life. More then that I love the God that allows me to have this beautiful gift. I love you Lord!

Hey buddy! Welcome to the ol' blog-o-sphere! This is Hurley. Sorry things got so carried away in fantasy football. Hope your recovery efforts are going ok. Good bless brother!

That should have read "God bless" - I just can't type today!

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