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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

2 Thoughts

  1. Yesterday was a good day for me. It was an extremely busy day and yet I really enjoyed it. I spent the entire day with people. Some were Christians and some were not. Two needed rides to places they needed to go. 1 family was in desperate need of prayer and encouragement. I am so blessed to get to do what I do. To be a minister has been a dream of mine in so many ways and as I live out that dream I don't want to lose sight of what a privilege it is to be a full time minister. One of my favorite things is that I never have to tell someone, "Sorry, I can't spend that much time with you, because I have to get back to work." My privilege is that the people in my congregation have empowered my to be able to do this full time. To always have time for people. To always be able to be with them. Not that I have some special gift to share with them, it is just that I serve an awesome God that always gets me excited!
  2. This past Sunday night I was flipping though the channels and I ended up on one that I have never actually watched. CSPAN! Yes I actually watched CSPAN for about 45 mins! Something caught my attention as I was flipping through the channels which caused me to stop on CSPAN. It was the title National Prayer Breakfast. This is basically a group of people that meet to encourage and pray with the president. It has been going on for a while now and I personally think that it is a great idea. Someone that had just finished speaking was stepping down from the podium and someone that I did not expect to see got up to the pulpit. BONO from U2. I had heard rumors that he was a Christian but I always thought it might just be wishful thinking by a few. BONO preceded to preach a sermon to both Bush and Christians around the world. He included some of the struggles that he has had in his life but his closing remark really struck me. He recalled a meeting with a minister and shared the minister's recent advice: Stop asking God to bless what you're doing. Find out what God's doing. It's already blessed. "That's what I want," Bono said. "I want to align my life with that." AMEN BONO ! I never thought I would say that but AMEN! I to want to align my life with that. Apparently it is a quote that has been used before but I have never heard and it really hit home with me. Maybe TV isn't so bad after all!

I guess Bono finally found what he was looking for. That's funny, but at the same time, I'm not kidding.

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