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Monday, February 13, 2006 

A Second Post

I had to share something that I did this afternoon! Everyday I usual spend the morning in study, research, and administration and then in the afternoon I make visits throughout the community which can include bible studies, hospital visits, times of prayer and things of that nature. Today is the first afternoon since I have been in DeQuincy that I have absolutely nothing planned! Some minister I am ! If you know me well you know that I cannot stand sitting around. So I decided to spend some time in prayer for friends and family. I got an e-mail today from a friends from ACU and it included his blog. Being fairly new to this blog deal I checked it out and found tons of others that have blogs. I went from blog to blog reading and praying for each person! It was really a neat experience! One of the things that I realize that I took for granted at ACU was being around so many great Christian friends. I miss you all so much sometimes! Good news, Ruth and I will be going to Tulsa this year for the Soul winning workshop! I am excited to see many of you there! God richest blessings to you all!

It's a great place and a lot of fun. Unfortunately the Soul Winning Workshop is not without its controversey. Just beware of its stigma from more conservative members of your congregation. This stigma may be unfair, but it's there nevertheless.

Thanks for the prayers and for visiting the blog! I'm doing my best to get Michael into blog-land.

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