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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Renewal 06

This past weekend Ruth and I took a group of teens from our church to a youth rally in Baton Rogue, La this weekend. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect but I was excited to get our youth group reconnected with the youth rallies around the state. They have been fairly disconnected for some reasons unknown to me. I have to say that I was really thrilled. They really connected with this rally. Our the trip back we asked them about the rally and each night as we got back to the places we were staying we talked to the teens about the rally and everyone of them told us over and over again that they loved it. In my mind there was one image that really describes the effectiveness of this youth rally. On the last night during the last talk there was an invitation made for the kids if they needed to rise up and renew there lives. I was at the edge of a pew so I could see clearly down an isle and without hesitation a young girl maybe 12 or 13 got up and went down front to the edge of the steps near the stage then got on her knees and humbled herself before the Lord. It was a striking image to me! What a powerful moment. It was something that I had not seen a lot but I appreciated it in so many ways. A few seconds after she went up several in her group surrounded her and simply placed there hand on her in a great show of encouragement! That is what the body of Christ is all about! Being there for each other when we are hurting! Helping us heal and learn to get past the temptations of this life. Later one of our own teens came forward. He is a young guy that I truly believe is already doing and will do great things for the Lord. I was impressed with this youth rally. The entire congregation poured themselves into this time and it really meant so much to me. Those of you that know me know that while I feel called to preach instead of being a full time youth minister know that I have a special heart for teens. After all when I was lost and knew nothing about the love of God a group of loving teens and adults reached out to me when I was an angry, crude teen that really didn't fit in the youth group. Because of their patience and perseverance I am redeemed by the blood of the lamb! Praise God for church like the South Baton Rogue Church of Christ! I am proud to see what Christians are doing around the state of Louisiana and I look forward to helping our teen grow closer to God on a daily basis. Thank you Lord for shining so brightly during this youth rally!

In His Love ,
Michael Potthoff

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