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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Give me your Links and say Hello!

I have decided my favorite thing about blogging has been my connection with tons of people that I haven't talked with in a long time. Blogs give you a small glimpse into the lives of people that you have known at different stages in your life. It is cool to see how everyone is doing! I like keeping in touch with people but I am bad about it and it has been good to hear from some people that I havent seen since high school(mostly my football gang) and others since college. So I want to start making links to various blogs. So if you want me to link to your blog ( the only requirement is that I actually know you! :) please comment on this post and include your link. Also I have noticed that many people come to the blog but never comment. I understand this because you don't always have something to say about some posts. Yet I want to hear from everyone! So please take a moment and sign our guestbook so that we can connect with as many as possible. I have included the link in my links section so please take a moment to do so. Thanks for checking out the blog and I hope to hear from more of you soon!
Oh and here is the link for the guestbook! Sign it please! I love to hear from everyone no matter how long it has been.

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  • P.s. If you are wondering why I have not been blogging it is because I was out of town for several days. I am back and so is the blog!

    i used to be a young preacher (in the CofC) too. Now i'm with a ministry. I see you went to acu. I spoke at the lectures there a couple of years back. Mark Love is a great guy. I wish you the best in your ministry.

    Truthfully Mike we're all just a little disappointed in you for not blogging. No excuses! J/K. I am in awe of your diligence to this matter as it is.

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