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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

The Blessing of Godly Parents

Today I did something that I have never done before. I don't have kids yet so it would be expected that I have never been to a parent/ teacher conference. Yet today some concerned parents called and asked if I could be at a parent/teacher conference today. I agreed and it was really a neat experience. The teacher was really great. Godly teachers are a blessing as well. I am so grateful for parents that care enough about the spiritual life of their child that they ask me to could to try to emphasize the important of the situation. As soon as I walked in the class room the child started to cry. He told me later he was sorry for disappointing me and he was so concerned that I would never look at him the same again. I think today was a turning point for this child. After the conference the teacher even asked me to pray about all of it right then and there. I was honored to do so and really praised God for the moment. So if anyone is reading this and is a parent, involve the ministers at the church with your child's life. I can not speak for all of them but this minister felt like the opportunity was a great privilege. Thank you Lord for Godly Parents!

That's really cool. I am impressed by those parents...and that teacher! Unfortunately, the only time I've met a student's minister was at a student's funeral. In saying that, it was still a blessing to know about my student's spiritual life.

Wow, that gave me chills. I really like that story.

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