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Monday, January 15, 2007 


(It has been way too long since I have written on this and so my one new year's resolution is to write on this blog a minimum of once a week!Starting this week of course! :)

I have heard all of the arguments about them being overpaid spoiled thugs. I have heard all of the disgust for the fancy celebrations being done by men that get paid to play a game. Yet I think the best argument for being an NFL fan is that these guys love them or hate them are the best of the best. I have seen soo many guys that did amazing things in the college game look like fools once they finally got to the big leagues.

So if you know me you know that I love all things NFL. This year has not been a disappointment. While in my heart I will always root for the Houston Texas as I am a loyal hometown fan I been following the New Orleans Saints this year. What they have done this year is truly amazing all things considered. So I am excited to see what happens as they play for the rights go to the Super bowl. I know that most think that they have no chance and yet there seems to be something special about this team. I am a believer. I know how good the Bears can be and yet there is just something magic about these Saints.

P.S. This has to be the best NFL playoffs as a whole that I have seen in a long time.

It is a good time to be an NFL fan!

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