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Thursday, June 15, 2006 

Fathers Day

Fathers Day is coming up this Sunday June 18th! (For those of you that forgot you can thank me later!) This week I have been doing some research for a fathers day sermon that I am hoping will be very different then the typical fathers day sermon. I am actually going to try to encourage fathers rather then ripping them to shreds like most father's day sermons that I have heard. I thought that I would share with you some of the stats from the research I did that I found most interesting.

A report by Warren Mueller revealed that where both parents attend church regularly, 72% of their children continue in the faith. Where only the father attends, that percentage drops to 55 percent, but where only the mother attends, just 15 percent of the children remain involved in the church.
This phenomenon reinforces what the Bible teaches about the natural order that God has established (Genesis 3:16 & 1 Corinthians 11:3). If the husband knows Christ as his Savior, the wife is more likely to follow this leadership than the other way around.

Now considering that I did not have either parent making me go to church I know that these stats are not always right but apparently most of the time they are. That means that most men are far more important to the spiritual development of their children then they realize. That leads me to a question that I wanted to ask the readers of this blog. Why do women seem to be more spiritual then men overall? As a preacher I know that it is not always true and yet I see it a lot. I would love to hear some different view on this one and also some reactions to the stats by Mueller.

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