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Saturday, June 17, 2006 

Away to Camp

Summer Camp, oh the memories of being away at camp! Some great and some not so good. Bottom line is that I will be away for a week teaching and preaching at a Bible camp in Texas. I am excited about this because I love working with teens. They are honest, they don't try to hide how they feel as much as adults do. They ask real questions and for many their lives are changed by a camp that helps that experience God, some for the very first time. I ask that if you read this that you would pray for me! Pray that God would work in amazing ways and that lives would be changed. That broken hearts would be healed and that many would for the very first time understand how much God truly loves them. As for those of you in blogland have a good week and have fun while I am off on this great adventure.

For those of your that are interested please read the experiment post as I am still looking for some volunteers to write some articles for topics already posted or to give me some new ideas for possible subjects.

Hey Potthoff (lol you'll just ignore me)
I told you I would post a comment on here.
So, you should make a post on here about VBS.
I'll send you some pics as soon as I get them.
Tell Adrienne I say hi if you remember.
Peaceout Cubscout

Ignore you !!! WHO DO YOU THINK I AM ??? BILLY MACK???? No way would I ignore you but I have been guilty of ignoring this blog for quite a while but I am back now and look forward to getting back into the swing of things. Between the VBS, 2 funerals, and starting grad school I have had no time for this blog but that is changing! I will be back!

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