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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

Catching up...

This week I was encouraged to get into myspace.com Several people had encouraged me to do it and so I decided to take the plunge. I was amazed at how fast I started getting messages and responses from people. They have this deal on there where you can put in your school so I decided to do my high school and college. I did and I found people that I had not seen since high school and even a few from Junior high. I have not planned to really develop my whole my space thing but since Ruth took some of our teen girls from the youth group out last night I decided to put a little effort into it. I put some pics on there and even one of my favorite songs. I decided to look at some people from back in high school and even left a few messages. I was really cool to so how well some are doing. I guess I have to say it is sad to see the lifestyles that some are choosing as well but let me say that I felt blessed to catch up with some people from the past. I had been encouraged to get on this at youth minister meeting but let me warn you guys and gals in youth ministry when you do you may find some things that you didn't want to know and pics that you didn't want to see but I do feel like it will help you minister in a more effective way to the teens. I hope you all have a blessed day and for anyone that is reading this from my Clear Creek or ACU crowd ! Hello it is good to see you!

I tried that myspace search for my high school, too. My high school name didn't even come up! How crazy is that? :)

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