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Thursday, February 15, 2007 

Why I like Tony Dungy

If you know me then you know that I love NFL football. I can tell you about most teams and the better players on each team. I enjoy NFL football more then any other sport. This year I have been watching the Colts very closely. Not because I like Peyton Manning (not that I dislike him) but because I really enjoy Tony Dungy. The man just does not seem to talk all that much. Unlike many coaches in the NFL I don't seem him going crazy throughtout the game. Then I find out that He is a Christian. Now I am excited to watch Him and the Colts even more. After the AFL championship game I noticed that Tony said all he just wanted to give glory to God. That was it! I was so thrilled to see a man that very much wanted to give Glory to the Lord for what had happened that day. Then I see this picture that you see above. This really impressed me and I will tell you why. Christians usually start out very excited about God but sometime even a small measure of success and they forget who it is that brought them the success that they enjoy. Granted that this picture was taken shorltly after their win and yet I feel as if this speaks volumes about Tony Dungy. Here is a man that was won one of highest honors in American sports and instead of running around saying look what I did he takes the team to gather his team and say lets give thanks to God. Thank you Tony Dungy! Thank you for showing the world that your faith is something that goes with you wherever you go and no matter what happens.

You got it bro! He is a real classy guy that is sold out for God. If you ever get a chance to see him give his testimony, don't miss it. We used it at last years Superbowl party at church. It's awesome and you will be impressed by the players he has affected and even led to Christ. Cool guy!

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