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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Out of your Comfort Zone!

I remember the moment I first stepped off of the place in Dominica for the first time. I was 17 years old and excited to be in a place to share the faith that was still very new to me. I was excited but deep down inside I was scared as well. Scared that when it came time to share the word of God with someone that I would not have the answers. That when someone asked that difficult question that I would somehow fumble and cause them to struggle with faith in Jesus. This trip and several others taught me so much about myself as well as how we cannot afford to be comfortable as Christians. In Dominica we worked all day meeting people, setting up Bible studies, sometimes working along side people. We didn't stop for lunch, we slept on the floor of the church building. The Rastas cussed at us , threw bottles at us, even threatened us from time to time and yet none of that mattered to me. I was there to serve the Lord. It was on this beautiful island that I learned that I could minister to people. I could help bring the love of Jesus Christ to others. I thank God for these trips. So now I share a part of them with you. The pictures start from the high school trips and go to the ones that I went on during college. Check them out and know that this was the place where my dream to be a minister came to life!

Click here for the picture gallery!

Dominica was a great experience. It was what got me thinkin' about doin' ministry as well. I think about the different people we talked with, and how giving they were even though they didn't have very much. I, also, remember Crazy Patrick and the one legged man, and who could forget Eddo.

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