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Friday, April 21, 2006 

No Perfect People Allowed!

I have been reading this book called, "No Perfect people allowed. Creating a come as you are culture in church." by John Burke

It is really an awesome book. This is cutting edge ministry stuff combining all of the postmodern/ emerging stuff with just practical common sense biblical teaching about what the church should be. He constantly compares the church of today with the Corinthian church. He says man they were messy, man they would not most likely fit into most of our churches today. I think he is for the most part right. I have not finished the book yet but I can't hardly put it down.

Here is my favorite quote so far:
No longer can we afford to stand on the cliffs high above the cultural mudslide, chastising people for not climbing out of the mess to come up to higher ground. No longer can we feel content throwing our heroic lifelines of propositions intended to save. No longer can we idly sit by, bemoaning change, wishing to turn back the clocks to nostalgic days gone by. No, it is time for Christian leaders, tethered to the lifeline of God's spirit and a community of faith, to gather up courage and plunge into the swirling mess of the cultural flow. Just as Paul said he did in Corinth, we too must try to bring them to Christ. We must emulate the God who dove right into the sewer of life himself in the body of Jesus. And we must reawaken his dream- God's dream of swimming this rescue mission on Earth through a new body- the Body of His church- Christ's Body re-presented.

I would love to hear your reactions to this quote. Especially if you are in ministry.

Mike! Ya dead? It's been like 5 days! :) I'm just teasing. Hope you're doing well this week - albeit clearly busy.

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