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Monday, April 17, 2006 

Easter Sunday!

This is the image I used to help the audience focus on the message of my sermon. (both through powerpoint and the bulletin.)What a great picture and it really is worth 1,000 words!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we have a great worship service at our church. We had a very large crowd. I was very excited to see so many at our church for the very first time. My goal is to keep them coming. It might be tough but I know once they really begin to understand who God is that for some that will be all it takes. I was very happy to many of them signed our visitors cards and checked that they would like a visit. Hey visits are one of my favorite things! So I end this blog entry with a question? Why does Easter Sunday bring people to church that never come otherwise. I have pondered this question and while I can come up with several different answers none really answer what is at the heart of their attendance. This preacher is really happy about it, I mean it gives us such a great outreach opportunity right in our own church building!

P.s. I have received a few e-mails asking why I haven't been blogging everyday recently and the answer is that blogging is a luxury for me that I only have when time permits. My goal is still a daily blog but it will always be a goal and not a promise! Thanks to my dedicated readers! (Sounds strange to say that! :)

How funny that people are getting upset when you don't blog. I had almost given up blogging myself (after the first month)and then several people I didn't even know emailed and DEMANDED that I keep going. It almost feels like we're professional writers. We have a readership!

Hey Michael,
I think that at least where I live (North FL), people come to church on Easter because it is a tradition. In their minds, that's just what you do on Easter: Go to church with your family and then go hunt Easter egg! Whatever it is that brings them, all we can do is thank God that they come and trust the Holy Spirit to move in your service and in their hearts. Praise God for the follow-up visits. I will be praying that God will work in the hearts of people you visit and that you would be filled with the Spirit as you visit.

Love the picture also.
God bless you.
Joshua Goddard

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